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Mood Swings - The effects of spirit attachment?

April 2, 2020


When Mood Swings Make Sense

It is perfectly natural to experience anxiety and to suffer from mood swings, especially during times like this when the world is experiencing a pandemic and there is so much uncertainty. Nonetheless, when we are in the midst of a severe mood swing, it can feel extremely overwhelming. Sometimes situations in our lives cause us to go from one extreme to the other—up and down—and it’s like being trapped on a never-ending roller-coaster ride. We feel torn inside, unable to make clear decisions, and our judgment is clouded by the uncertainty. 

It’s not only difficult on the person suffering from mood swings, but also on the loved ones that surround them. They’re forced to walk on eggshells because they don’t know what might trigger another episode of negative behavior. They also live in constant fear because they never know if they can count on their loved ones or who will show up—Jekyll or Hyde.

We hear from people on a regular basis who suffer from mood swings, and also from the loved ones that are living with those who are experiencing drastic mood swings. They tell us things like:

“I go through these phases where I can’t control my shopping habits and how much money I spend.  When I’m in the process of shopping, I feel happy and euphoric. But then afterward, I feel depressed and lost.”

“Sometimes everything seems impossible or difficult—even a little task or errand feels overwhelming. Then, a few hours later, I’m bursting with energy and feel as if I can conquer the world.  I many projects that I want to accomplish, but they never come to realization because the high pops and become deflated. It’s an endless cycle.”  

“My husband is loving, caring, and giving most of the time, but at other times, he is extremely aggressive to the point I fear he could hurt me.”


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Does Spirit Attachment Cause Mood Swings?

Many people don’t realize that a common symptom of spirit attachment is an extreme or rapid change in mood.  Typically, mood swings occur when a person has two or more spirits attached that have opposite personalities, and this is why our emotions swing back and forth like a pendulum.

Just like humans, spirits have different personalities, different reactions to various matters, and different perceptions of reality. So imagine what happens if we have two spirits attached to us—one with extroverted traits and the other with introverted traits? Our behavior will reflect both of these characteristics, and which characteristic prevails at any given moment will depend on which spirit is currently in control. This can be compared to three people inside a car.  The car itself is our physical body, and the passengers consist of our living soul and the two spirits, aka ghosts. In which direction the car travels and how it will be driven is dependent on who is behind the steering wheel. For example, when the extroverted spirit is behind the steering wheel, we might be chatty, outgoing, and seek interaction with other people. But when the introverted spirit is in control, we will generally isolate ourselves and avoid social gatherings of any kind.

You may ask yourself the following questions:  What’s the big deal? Sometimes l feel social and engaged, and other times I want to be alone. Don’t we all feel this way at times? Don’t we all experience different moods and emotions?  

Well, the world of spirits is built around emotions and they will always intensify these emotional states to extreme, dangerous levels in people with whom they are attached. Hence, isolation and socialization will be taken to such intense levels that a person could find themselves going to extremes. One might feel deeply depressed and worthless, experiencing a lack of energy, and having difficulty concentrating. Then, shortly after, one might have a decreased need for sleep, an increase in activity levels, and ultimately display impulsive or high-risk behavior.  This can also apply to other situations in life. For example, feeling devoutly religious one minute, then hating God the next; feeling love for someone at times, but then despising them at other times; liking certain tasks for awhile, then suddenly dreading them. Such shifts in mood could happen multiple times per day, which becomes burdensome and psychologically and physically overwhelming.

Not all people who experience mood swings suffer from spirit attachment. However, when traditional treatment and therapies don’t offer satisfactory results, it would be wise to determine if you or a loved one might be under the influence of spirits.



1. How to check whether I or my loved one are experiencing a spirit attachment? SUBMIT A REQUEST A CHECK-UP. 

2. Seeking to free yourself or your loved one of spirit attachments? LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SPIRIT REMOVAL PROCESS. 

3. For more information, please read Wanda Pratnicka’s book Possessed by Ghosts, Chapter: Mood Swings.