How Wanda Pratnicka is Changing People's Lives in....


Good Life, April 2016

How Wanda Pratnicka is Changing People's Lives in Astonishing Ways

My life has not always been filled with positive moments. Since I can remember, there was always a lack of love and warmth in my home. My mom struggled with depression and often complete strangers had to take care of me. When I was a little girl I couldn’t understand why my mom was always sad, unkempt, and didn’t have the strength to drop me off at school. When I was senior in high school my mom started to take psychotropic drugs and mixing them with alcohol. No therapy, conversation, or plea could help her. I decided to go to a college far away from her because I thought I would lose my mind if I stayed.

I graduated with honors and few days before I picked up my diploma, I was offered a high-paying job in a financial firm. Two years later I met my husband. I don’t know exactly when I started to feel bad. The bad feelings slowly took control of my life. First, I started to feel constantly tired even though I slept 8-9 hours each night. Later, I began to experience horrible migraines and stomachaches. Next, I noticed that I stopped having interest in the things I loved doing. My husband and I started to argue more often about petty things and sometimes I felt like I would explode during our fights. The worst was the feeling of constant emotional pain and states of irrational anxiety. My husband convinced me to seek help from a psychologist and psychiatrist. I was prescribed antidepressants and anxiety meds. I spent the next two years talking to therapists and taking a variety of drugs but none of them helped.

One day I saw an interview on television with Wanda Pratnicka, an exorcist from Poland. She was talking about people who suffered from symptoms similar to mine. She was saying that these symptoms could be caused by souls that didn't cross to the other side after death and attached themselves to the living person. She claimed that for over 45 years, she has helped tens of thousands of people around the world and a few of her clients were being interviewed with her on live TV. Wanda also mentioned that she only helps people at distance and she doesn’t need to have direct contact with her client. Their personal details, first and last name, address, and date of birth are enough to localize a given person and lead away any souls attached to him/her.

I decided to call Wanda Pratnicka’s office because I was desperate to receive any type of help and also save my crumbling marriage. I gave Wanda’s assistant my personal details so that she could check whether I had any souls attached to me. I provided my mom's personal information as well, since she struggled all her life also. When I received the confirmation that both of us have souls attached to us, I asked for both of us to be signed up for the so-called cleansing.

During the three-month cleansing, Wanda leads souls away from a living person. After a month of cleansing, I noticed that I became much calmer and the feeling of sadness was less intense. After two months, I felt as if the heavy burden I was carrying was taken away from me and my mood had improved significantly. And what about my mom? After two months she showed up at my home without any prior announcement. At first I couldn’t recognize the woman who was standing in front of me. She looked 15 years younger, was nicely dressed, and had a warm smile on her face. At that moment I understood the pain she was going through all these years and why she wasn’t able to take care of me. A feeling of love filled me and I was able to finally forgive her. Today we are making up for the lost time and we are thankful each day for the help we received from Wanda Pratnicka.


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